Head of Division for the big Western Automotive Company

Within the framework of the division strategy, develops and implements after approval the long term sales and marketing strategy in Russia, focused on establishing a competitive market position in Russia that maximally deploys market opportunities, whilst bringing sales, volume, profitability and market share that meet the Company requirements.

1. Strategic planning

Prepares and submits mid to long term plans for the division in Russia, to identify long term targets in terms of market share, volumes, market possibilities and profitability.

2. Car sales

With the framework of the approved plans develops and implements a pricing policy and distribution plan.

3. After Sales

According to the approved plans, makes inputs for pricing policy development, synthesizes and implements the distribution plan.

4. Marketing

Within the approved budget, develops and implements marketing plan for dealer network in order to achieve required level of brand awareness and market positioning of line in Russia.

5. Dealer network

Develops and maintains a network of professional and motivated dealers.

6. Fleet market

Ensures understanding of the corporate clients’ demands in order to establish long term relations with the selected target groups. Develops price sensitive policy and ensures good public image of brand in Russia

7. Reporting

Assures regular reporting within established reporting standards and time frames to provide management with correct in-time data sufficient to undertake appropriate managerial decisions.

8. Human resource management

Ensures through effective people management that the department has the quantity and quality of human resources required to achieve short and medium term business objectives in a positive working environment.

Job requirements:

Education: Higher business/ economic education, German language– proficient level, English languages- working knowledge.

Work experience: Managerial experience over 3 years in marketing, sales, product development area.

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