Find an executive

As a business decision maker, you know more than most other people in your company. You know that the role you need to fill is critical and so you need to find a solution quickly. You know that your organization is only as effective as the people who lead it, so it’s extremely important to find the ideal match for the vacant position. You also know that investing in an executive search firm  pays off very fast because it saves you a lot of time, reduces the margin of error and helps you find the best candidate.  

At 4Astra Executive Search|IMD International Search Group, we know this too.

We know that the best way to find the leader you're looking for is by a combining detailed and thorough understanding of your business and deep expertise within the industry. We know how to make your search highly efficient and effective. We know many of the best and brightest minds in Russia and in the world through our partnership with IMD International Search Group.

So how do we find and place great talent? Over the years, we’ve successfully completed a good number of executive search projects and learnt that the combination of good analysis, creative search strategy and diligent hard work yields fantastic and sustainable results. Our knowledge and experience have become the basis for our ten-step process outlined below:

  1. Understand your needs, both short- and long-term; your corporate culture and work environment. In some cases – by conducting a job shadow  at your location. Meet key relationships the successful candidate will need to foster. Get a 'feel' for the position that needs to be filled.

  2. Work with you closely to create a comprehensive position specification - an ideal candidate profile which provides the foundation for the search.

  3. Conduct market research, leverage business networks and do a full database search to identify potential candidates.

  4. Complete and present a long list of candidate profiles. Often includes some discreet references on the individual in the job setting.

  5. Evaluate selected candidates and finalize the short list.

  6. Prepare an executive summary on each short-listed candidate including their resume and put them forward for interviews with you.

  7. Solicit your detailed feedback after each interview and coordinate all required activities to help you select the final candidate.

  8. Conduct a reference check on the final candidate.

  9. Prepare or assist you with preparing the job offer and participate in job offer negotiations until they successfully complete.

  10. At each stage and after placement – regular communication both with you and with the candidates.
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