Welcome to 4Astra Executive Search, a retained senior executive and officer level search firm which specializes in finding key members of senior management teams. 4Astra Executive Search is led by an experienced headhunter and career consultant Anna Ryzhkova. For more information about Anna and 4Astra Executive Search, click here

At 4Astra Executive Search, we strongly believe that a professional consultant must have deep knowledge of the industries he or she focuses on and of the market in whole. That’s why not only do our consultants specialize in particular industries, but they also have many years of experience working in those industries, so they thoroughly understand your business and your needs as a client or as a candidate online slots. You can also email us your resume.


When you need to make a key hire, it's always mission critical. You look for an exceptional person. You want to hire top talent and find real stars who will stay with your company for many years to develop their career and help grow your business as well. - No doubt, they must have excellent experience, outstanding education, and the right skills. What you want is something even more than that:this person has to bring to the table deep knowledge, strong commitment, outside the box thinking, creative vision and passion to achieve great results. These qualities are hard to measure, but they are indispensable.  We fully understand the difficulties you are facing as you decide on the right strategy to identify and recruit the ideal candidate. We are here to help you.


When you’ve come to a decision to make a next step in your career, you don’t want just any job. You want your dream job. You're looking to make a big step forward. Sure, the job has to pay well and offer good benefits as well as the right mix of challenges and opportunities. However, it’s no less important that the people you will be working with share your values. No doubt, you want to join a team who will trust you, be supportive and thus help you be effective in your new role. If you’d like to see if we currently have a position for you, please give us a call and send us your resume in full confidence.

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